front of ubu studio art gallery
ubu studio art gallery, Portland Maine, USA
Nov. 2004 - Nov. 2006


Past Shows at ubu studio:

Can't Jail The Spirit
paintings by Tom Manning

October 2006

paintings by
Neill Ewing-Wegmann
& Michael Connor
Aug.-Sept. 2006

Art Brutes
Gaylord Pasternak & Gary Manners
July 2006

Visual Poetry
June 2006

Beasts & Meditations:
Becky Fitzpatrick collage work
May 2006

Benevolence of an Underground Economy
April 2006

Funny- Scary-Happy-Sad
Contemporary Clown Art
Feb. -Mar. 2006

Postcards to Comrades


Assembly Required

Pseudo Science Fiction
works by Mike Libby
July 2005

Selected Monochromatic works
photographs by
Garry Boycott
June 2005

works by Reed Altemus
May 2005

Dumb Kunst
non-works by Anti-Friend Hut
April 2005

Monkey Business
Feb.-Mar. 2005

Paragenetic Interpolations
15 year retrospect of works by
Frank Turek
Dec 2004-Jan.2005

Past exhibits at ubu studio art gallery

After 2 years of bringing the highest quality new art to Portland ubu studio art gallery has called it quits.
This is the web archive of the past shows at ubu studio for the many who never made it to the gallery and for those few brave souls who did attend, you can reflect with pride that you were a part of an important moment in art.
- Frank R. Turek

Since December of 2004 ubu studio has hosted a number of group and solo shows and has brought to the art lovers of Portland the work of nearly 50 artists. This page features samples of much of the fine work that was up for those shows.
To find out more about each past show just click on the show title in the list to the left

I've also kept the pages of the
ubu sounds series
Artist Books Collection

Roster of Artists who have shown at ubu studio:
Reed Altemus
Matt Anderson
Jeff Badger
Garry Bowcott
Kenny Cole
Michael Connor
Patrick Corrigan
Lawrence Dank
Ivy Demos
Chris Dingwell
Laura Dunn
Brendan Evans
Neill Ewing-Wegmann
James Fangbone
Luc Fierens
Becky FitzPatrick
Roy Fox
Betsy Headley
Michael Hickey
Geof Huth
John Joyce
Holly Karolkowski
Colleen Kinsella
Tom Konieczko
Nancy Kureth
Jim Leftwich
Mike Lewis

Mike Libby

Christopher Larochelle
Gary Manners
Margot McCain
George McGinty

Blainor McGough
Peter McGuirk
Robert McKibben
Tonya Meikle
Matt MWM

Anita Muise

Alyce Ornella
Lydia Pastie
Lori Rae Palumbo
Gaylord Pasternak
Kyle Purinton
Randy Regier
Catherine Satchell

Alexandra Sax
Annie Seikonia
Carol Stetser
Victoria Szatkowski
Kevin Tacka

Chico & Za Za Valentine
Nico Vassilakis
Diane Bowie Zaitlin

art brutes intallation

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anti friend hut window installation
Installation in the front window by
Anti-Friend Hut for their show
Dumb Kunst
April 2005

Chimp act by Blainor McGough
Portable monkey puppet theater
by Blainor McGough
From the exhibit
Monkey Business