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Chico Valentine and Alonzo Holliday
Mystic Out-Bop Review's Chico Valentine & Alonzo Holliday at their performance February 3, 2006


The ubu sounds series started back in the spring of 2005. ubu sounds is about opening people's ears to new (avant-garde, experimental, improvised) musical experiences. The close intimate setting of the gallery provides a unique listening experience for this unique and vital music.

The following musicians and sound artists have performed as part of the ubu sounds series.

Reverend Crank Sturgeon
Id M Theftable
Tim Feeney
Vic Rawlings
Myles Robert
Carl Dimow
Nozal Cube
Hayes Porterfield
Blaise Siwula
Kris Tiner
Mike Baggetta
Mystic Out-Bop Review
Joe Giardullo

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An Art world anomaly that has always intrigued me is the seeming disconnect of contemporary visual arts and contemporary musical arts. Why is it that the new art is almost never thought of in conjunction with new music? There are a lot of valid answers to this question, but one reason could be lack of exposure. If you never experience something how can you explore it? One of the missions of ubu studio is to establish a connection to New Music and expand the musical interests of Portland art lovers. This has been the drive behind the ubu sounds series, which has brought several contemporary music makers to the intimate surroundings of ubu studio.

Kit Demos
Mystic Out-Bop Review's Kit Demos
at their performance February 3, 2006