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Can't Jail the Spirit
paintings by
Tom Manning

October 6 - 21, 2006
opening reception Friday,October 6th
5 - 9pm

Last month the University of Southern Maine planned to have an exhibit featuring work that was meant to raise the debate about prison art, political art and political resistance in general. This show was cancelled as USM did not anticipate the virulent objection by law enforcement organizations of the inclusion of the paintings of Tom Manning. The objection centered around Manning's past violent actions and present labeling as "Political Prisoner". The content and subject matter of his paintings didn't really enter into the debate, which has had the effect of creating a curious interest in these paintings.
There seems to be several different overlapping debates going on here which to my mind makes for an intriguing and must-see exhibit.

Along with Manning's paintings will be information on his militant political actions, his arrest and conviction.
Much food for thought and debate.

You can also find out more at a special web site set up just for this exhibit at

and more info on Manning

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