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Monkey Business exhibit poster
Chimp Act, monkey puppet theater by Blainor McGough
Portable Monkey Puppet Theatre
by Blainor McGough

Monkey Business
group show
Feb. 4 - March , 2005

Monkey Business is a group show featuring a dozen Portland artists creating works about monkeys, apes, chimps etc. In the first few weeks of November I had monkeys on the brain. I had dreams on two consecutive nights that featured gorillas and a chimpanzee. I had just seen the all-chimpanzee cast of Cinderella. Then, while discussing possible future art shows with my friend Suzannah ( married to The Brick Monkey) she suggested a monkey theme show. It all fell into perspective. Perfect for February, that cabin fever month when you really need to acknowledge your inner primate. Monkey Business is a hodge-podge of Portland artists who have risen to the occasion and created (some had previous monkey art) a visual art primate suitable for the occasion.

Monkey Business exhibit photo
Monkey Business exhibit photo

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Deliverance, paintiong by Lawrence Dank
Deliverance, monkey style
by Lawrence Dank

Participating Artists:
Reed Altemus
Matt Anderson

Michael Connor
Patrick Corrigan
Lawrence Dank

Ivy Demos
Chris Dingwell

Nancy Kureth
Blainor McGough

Lydia Pastie
Kyle Purinton

Alexandra Sax
Frank Turek

Chico & Za Za Valentine