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Beasts & Meditations poster

(collage 3.5" x 6")

This body of work reflects my interest in mythology and spirituality within the context of American culture. My work seeks to explore the ways consumerism has taken on the role of religion in an increasingly secularized society. A longstanding interest in Pop Art and mid-century advertising led me to start looking at vintage magazines. I now use images cut from popular publications like LIFE magazine to create three-dimensional collages that explore both physical and metaphysical realities of American domestic existence.
-Becky FitzPatrick

Beasts & Meditations
new collage work by
Becky FitzPatrick

May 5 -27, 2006
opening reception Friday May 5, 5-8pm

Collage artist Becky FitzPatrick has been an active fixture in the Portland arts scene over the past several years. Many of you may already be familiar with her work as one of the residents of the semiannual artists open studios at 536 Congress.
With this show, Beasts and Meditations, FitzPatrick takes on the project of combining the historically charged images of gods and goddesses with the equally powerful forms of anatomical parts and domestic stereotypes. These chimerical concoctions create not the horror of a Dr. Moreau but rather the grace, beauty and humor of an Alice in Wonderland styled fantasy cre

Beasts & Meditations exhibit at ubu studio





Beasts & Meditations exhibit at ubu studio


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(collage 3" x 4.5")

Ba, collage by Becky FitzPatrick
collage (2" x 3.75")