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Poster for  Collage-Collage exhibit at ubu studio
"Trying to Relate", collage by Christopher Larochelle
Trying to Relate
Christopher Larochelle

Annie Seikonia

October 7 - Nov. 19, 2005

The goal was to make the gallery into a collage of collages, hence the title for the show, Collage-Collage. With thirty-one artists participating and more than 70 collage works it was a wild success.

Doghaus #8 by Patrick Corrigan and Garry Bowcott
Doghaus #8
by Garry Bowcott & Patrick Corrigan
Assemblage piece with video assemblage performance.

Collage exhibit at ubu studio

Participating Artists

Reed Altemus
Matt Anderson

Garry Bowcott

Michael Connor
Patrick Corrigan

Ivy Demos
Laura Dunn
Brendan Evans
Luc Fierens
Becky FitzPatrick
Roy Fox
Betsy Headley
Michael Hickey

Holly Karolkowski

Tom Konieczko

Christopher Larochelle

Deborak Luhrs
Blainor McGough
Peter McGuirk
Robert McKibben
Richard O'Brein
Tonya Meikle

Alyce Ornella
Lori Rae Palumbo
Kyle Purinton

Alexandra Sax
Annie Seikonia
Victoria Szatkowski
Frank Turek
Diane Bowie Zaitlin


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'merican History, collage by Frank Turek
'merican History Vol. 1 Chapter 1
by Frank Turek

Ax Nergiz: Maps of old Vernacular
Ax Nergiz: Maps of old Vernacular
by Matt Anderson

collage exhibit at ubu studio