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Funny-Scary-Happy-Sad show poster

Clown Horror No.1 by Anita Muise
Clown Horror No.1- Exemption

collage by Anita Muise

assemblage by Laura Dunn
Circum (spect,scribe, etc.)
assemblage by Laura Dunn

Contemporary Clown Art
opens Feb.3 -March 25, 2006
opening reception Friday Feb 3 5-8pm

performance by
The Clown School Dropouts at 6pm

Group show featuring the works of local artists:

Reed Altemus
Jeff Badger
Kenny Cole
Michael Connor
Laura Dunn
Neill Ewing-Wegmann
John Joyce
Colleen Kinsella
Tom Konieczko

Michael W. Lewis
George McGinty
Matt MWM
Anita Muise
Randy Regier
Catherine Satchell
Kevin Tacka
Frank Turek

Last year ubu studio started a tradition of sorts. Our February/March show had a monkey theme and the playful nature of the show gave a nice warm feeling in the midst of the cold and gloom of midwinter cabin fever season. Well this year we've come up with another theme of similar spirit but with added twist. This year for the February/March show we put together a group show with the theme of CLOWNS! The title of the show is "Funny-Scary-Happy-Sad: Contemporary Clown Art" The work in this show explores the mixed responses most people have to clowns. Are clowns playful and happy or are they sinister and evil? Opening night will feature the one-nite-only reunion of Portland's very own Circus Jazz Sax and Drums Duo: The Clown School Dropouts! They'll perform a short set of avant schmaltz at 6:00 pm

Clown exhibit: MWM, Tacka...
Clown exhibit, Cole, Konieczck...
Clown art exhibit, McGinty,Lewis, Badger

clown drawing by joe
drawing by my friend Joe. Joe's secret obsessions with clowns in his closet was a main inspiration to this show.

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The Saddest Clown
by Tom Konieczko

I thought I saw a Clown, but it was punk rock painting by Mike Lewis
I thought I saw a Clown, but it was just Punk Rock
by Mike Lewis

Crapstar funny clown scale hobby kit by Randy Regier
Crapstar #CS6 - Funny Clown
scale hobby kit by GYPCO

by Randy Regier

Happy Clown
assemblage by Michael Connor