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"Assembly Required" poster for the exhibit at ubu studio art gallery, Portland Maine.
"Findings" assemblage by Margot McCain
Margot McCain

shrine installation by James Fangbone
shrine installation by James Fangbone

Assembly Required
Four Maine Assemblage Artists
August 5 - Sept. 24, 2005

August show titled "Assembly Required" features four outstanding Maine based assemblage artists.
Portland based artist Margot McCain, who's work evokes the spirit of Joseph Cornell like no others. This will be a rare opportunity to see this amazing work that McCain has been hiding away for a while.
Saco based artist Nancy Kureth who Portland art viewers will be familiar with from shows at Local 188 and The Filament. Small and delicate, Kureth's work uses lace fabric and jewelry creating a "feminine" portrait without the cute factor.
Solon based artist James Fangbone has taken the world of religious shrines and reliquaries and shaken it up like a snow globe. Often using small suitcases his work evokes a traveling salesman of religious paraphernalia after he got rolled in a subway.
Portland based assemblage artist Frank Turek will be showing his latest creations with a focus on "book assemblages", boxed assemblages that appear within the covers of a book.

"Assembly Required" exhibit photo
"Assembly Required" exhibit photo

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"Secret in the Attic" assemblage by Nancy Kureth
Secret in the Attic
Nancy Kureth

"desultory imaginings" book assemblage by Frank Turek
desultory imaginings
Frank Turek

"Missing Marbles" assemblage by Margot McCain
Missing Marbles
Margot McCain